Amazing Band Phtos

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Amazing Band Phtos

Postby surrey_casual » Thu Dec 20, 2007 5:11 pm

check out some amazing photos. there is loads of arctic monkeys on there.

i think every band worthy of a mention, she has photographed

*edit, the nine black alps ones are mint!
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Postby emmmmma » Thu Dec 20, 2007 5:43 pm

they're good pictures, i will keep my fangirl-ness to myself...
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Postby Louu » Thu Dec 20, 2007 7:11 pm

uuh some really good photos there, thanks.
only one photo of nick :( poor thing, so good looking, so little attention
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Postby arctic ana » Fri Dec 21, 2007 7:35 pm

great pics!!thanks for the link...she really photographed everyone...
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Postby tungchoi » Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:05 pm

wow that's great!
many bands i love are there!
thanks a lot!
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Postby naughtymate » Sun Jan 27, 2008 10:46 am

*gushes* oh my god! the photos are amazing! <3
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