Bite Mark In The Terror Pocket Lyrics

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Bite Mark In The Terror Pocket Lyrics

Postby Pix » Thu Jan 31, 2008 11:20 pm

Gave them my best shot...

He spoke a script, dipped in the sort of talk to make you keep at bay,
It's all a trick, the slicked back slimy arms have got a war to wage,
He's got a laugh like a crackling wire, and he wants to put the bit marks on you,
He wants to put the bite marks on you,
And you twist my guts!
As the only thing as repelling as his invitations are his excuses,
And he said "I am the conductor, put me in the the terror pocket."

He's in a stint, master in a crafty squint and unrespectable,
Drop a dirty hint if he thinks that he could impress you with the unacceptable,
And he has turned through all the pages with his fingers, and covered them with goo!
And he wants to put the bite marks on you, he wants to put them on you and it hurts like I've lost
The only thing that's as heavy as the adoration, is the danger that it lies on your tongue,
And they're spilling all they sang along, and it frightened me to death when he said
I am the conductor, put me in the terror pocket!

'Cause they're trying to give me a ticket to a competition,
And I don't know how the odds are stacked,
As he's rolling out the running track!

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