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Postby bear that in mind tonite » Thu May 04, 2006 10:04 pm

Lizzi wrote:
bear that in mind tonite wrote:Album best to worst
1. Fake tales
2. View from the afternoon
3. you probably couldnt see me
4. Red lights
5. Dancing shoes
6. ritz to the rubble
7. still take you home
8. ibtulgotd
9.Certain romance
10. scummy
12. mardy bum
13.riot van

Other best to worst
1.cigarette smoker fiona and cigarette smoke
2. who the f**k are AMs
3.wavin bye to the train or the bus
4. 7
5. stickin to the floor
6. despair in the departure lounge
7. bigger boys
8. no buses
9. curtains close
10. settle for a draw
11. space invaders
12. love machine
13. choo choo
14. on the run from the MI5
15 ravey ravey club
16.chun lis
17. knock the door run

awww tired now

Yer good, wouldn't be able to tell you my order... Depends on the days and the mood i am in...

Tho i can tell you which one i skip : Riot Van (tho love the part where he goes: Have you been drinking son you dont look old enough to me) and the ones i love most: Leaving before the lights came on, Ibylgotd and Still take you home

yeh thats good that part which lyrics do you prefer to riot van the demo ones or album
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Postby The french way » Fri May 05, 2006 5:55 pm

let' s see...

1. A certain romance
2. Dancing shoes
3. From the Ritz to the rubble
4. Mardy Bum
5. Fake tales of San Fransisco
6. I bet you look good on the dancefloor
7. Riot van
8. The view from the afternoon
9. When the sun goes down
10. Still take you home
11. Perhaps vampires is a bit strong, but...
12. Red lights indicates doors are secured
13. You probably couldn' t see 4 the lites but you were staring straight at me

but they are <> this close to each other
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