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Arctic Monkeys New Album

Postby arctic » Thu Jan 25, 2007 12:21 am

The Arctic Monkeys have been making plans for their new album by beginning to shoot the cover.

The band have been up in Liverpool in three specially painted houses on an estate in Garston.

Liverpool designers <b>Juno</b>, who also did the artwork for the first LP, have spent the last week gutting three unoccupied houses from the estate, before moving a team of spray artists to paint the interiors.

Juno's PR manager Gemma Germains told us, "They were really impressed and chuffed with the houses, which we were obviously very pleased with. It's been a big job!"

The Arctics even got on well with the local kids from the estate who managed to make off with the toilet from one of houses earlier this week and whom your correspondent had the pleasure of verbally sparring with yesterday.

Germains added, "The band behaved impeccably as always. They hung out with the kids, signing guitars and stuff and having cups of tea with the neighbours."

The three houses feature designs from a number of artists picked out and composed by Juno and the band. The designs were then spray-painted over the interiors by the 54 Crew - who flew off to paint for the King of Qatar after completing their work at the weekend.

Despite the band finishing their part of the shoot today, more photographs will be taken at the weekend and next week, with the front walls being taken off the houses so the interiors can be shown off in all their glory.

Expect to be able to get your hands on the new album - lovingly enwrapped in the artwork - some time this summer.

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