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Interview at Taratata

Postby ArCMonks » Sat Jul 07, 2007 9:41 pm

Cotetita wrote:
The french way wrote:niiiiiiiice. That' s an awesome show, Taratata.
(oh lizzi you saw the show with Oasis? t'was greaaaaaaaaat, they played "My generation" and Liam said that it was the best music show in the world. And during the interview with matt and alex (damn, it' s not on YouTube), the presenter says they convinced the Monkeys to come to Taratata after showing them the bit where liam goes "this is the best TV show in the world!"!)

I've uploaded the whole show ... 3&hl=en-GB


This link doesn't work anymore, anyone has another? 'Cause I'd love to see this intervieuw again. I remembered it was great. I've searched for it for ages! But can't find it on YouTube ect.

btw I really love the cover of the strokes, I've never heard of take it or leave it before till I saw the Arctic Monkeys Doing it, but don't you think that they look a bit bored at these 'concert'?
Well over there there's friends of mine, what can I say? I've known them for a long long time.
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