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Manchester Weekend

Postby arctic » Tue Jul 31, 2007 1:46 am

So, the weekend is over, the sun was shining and the beer was aplenty, but did you record your videos of your weekend?

If you have a video of your experience at the <b>A</b>rctic <b>M</b>onkeys <b>M</b>ini <b>F</b>estival then click the header of this very page or head over to our <a href=''>video upload page</a> to get your mug on Arctic Monkeys TV!
Some lucky souls who headed to Manchester over the weekend managed to record some videos and upload them in the space of days so thanks!

<b>Aswell as the videos we want ALL of your photos.
We have created a <a href=''>special gallery</a> for you to <a href=''>upload your photographs of the weekend</a> and you don't even have to register!</b>

In the meantime head over to the <a href='/tv/b/player.html'>Arctic Monkeys TV page</a> to view some of the videos.

Alternatively <a href=''>see one of our favourite videos</a> when the band had a "<a href=''>little accident</a>". As the band were playing Balaclava on the Saturday the <a href=''>sound system</a> blew and left 50,000 fans to sing the famous British football chant "<a href=''>You're not singing any more!</a>".
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Postby surrey_casual » Tue Jul 31, 2007 7:48 pm

my mates got one of us dancing around a pile of coats very drunk. will see if i can get him to upload it.
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