Album to surface before Leeds & Reading

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Album to surface before Leeds & Reading

Postby arctic » Thu May 14, 2009 3:20 pm

The band have spoken to the media and have stated that the album has finished the recording process.
Speaking to Drowned In Sound Matt Helders said:

<i>"It's all recorded now, yeah. We're about halfway through mixing it at the moment. I'm not sure about a release date, it'll probably be sometime in August before Leeds and Reading. Nothing's definite, though, it all depends on when we do the artwork and pick a title. And we've not finalised the tracklisting yet, we're mixing quite a few and then narrowing it down - so it also depends on how long we take doing that. We'll probably do it in the next week or so, sort it all out."</i>

Good news! There is also news of Alex Turners notebook being stolen. Speaking to Alex said:

<i>"I got my bag robbed six months ago, I lost this notebook, I lost loads. It was in this brown book with a picture of a fox on it."</i>

Whoever stole the book, shame on you! And if you have it, can we steal it from you?

You can read the whole <a href='' target='_blank'>interview with Matt on DrownedInSound</a>.
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