Is anyone out there?

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Is anyone out there?

Postby arctic » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:12 pm

The fan site has become a bit of a deadweight for me. I've managed the site for nearly 5 years from it's inception right until the present day.

It's now time for change, possibly passing the baton to someone more equipped and more dedicated. Or, it could be run by you, the fans and visitors.

There's also the possiblilty of transforming this into an Arctic Monkeys portal.

Somewhere you come to blog, somewhere you come to discuss and somewhere to keep up with the latest band news, all automated, all current and up to date.

I'm looking for ideas from you all. You can comment and leave all your ideas on this forum or you can drop me an email by visiting and leaving your thoughts.

Many thanks
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