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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:53 pm
by surrey_casual
now-then-mardy-bum wrote:
AlisonFasheeta wrote:
Space Invader wrote:still IMO i think that they should have released Mardy Bum and Dancing Shoes - the world needs to hear them, they are classic songs that would do very well as singles...

4 singles from an album isn't unreasonable and it would have meant more B-Sides, possibly re-recordings of Demo songs that we all love

Mardy Bum's probably my least favorite song. Don't know why, but I got sick of it really quick. I love everything else more and more everytime I hear it, but Mardy Bum went in reverse. I used to love it. :roll:

Mardy Bum went in reverse...and hit that deer :milton: :milton: possibly

Ok, I'll shut up now... :roll: :roll:


mardy bum should of been realesed. ha ha ha, then my mum would have to put up with it whilist being played on heart fm!!! ha ha ha ha