Roskilde 07

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Roskilde 07

Postby Sofie » Mon Jul 09, 2007 1:52 pm

Came back from my very first festival yesterday where i was lucky enough to see the monkeys !

I woke up at 11 feeling so sick with excitement that i couldn't go back to sleep so instead i decided to go down to the stages. It might have been a bit early to start queuing since they weren't playing until 5 o'clock but the rest of my camp was asleep and i had nothing else to do, so i thought why not join these other two girls also known as the queue. Then i waited and waited but it was all worth it because when the gates to the front pits finally opened i got to stand right up front against the fence.
The concert was amazing! They played lots of songs from the new album including Do Me A Favour (probably my favourite from FWN at the moment) and they also played Mardy Bum, which they didn't play at the other concert i went to. The best moment was when they played Leave Before The Lights Come On though, it was just so perfect, in my opinion probably the best song for festivals.
What really made the concert special was how much the monkeys seemed to enjoy it. Everyone was screaming and singing along and at one point you could see Nick miming to Alex "this if fucking amazing!" :D They just kept on smiling and laughing and looking really surprised as if they hadn't expected such a crowd at all.
Oh and another funny thing was during the intro to From The Ritz To The Rubble. Everyone was singing along and then the music stopped and Alex stopped singing and the crowd was supposed to keep on singing, but that just didn't happen, so there was just silence and Alex was laughing for half a minute or something before they started playing again.
I loved it !

... and pictures (not mine though, but could have been if i had brought a proper camera. These were taken by press photographers.)



Nick laughing to Alex who then turned laughing to Jamie who then turned laughing to Matt.


We need two pictures of Jamie first of all because he looked so fit entering the stage in his black shirt and sunglasses causing lots of fangirly drooling but also because it was his birthday.

The crowd. The red arrow is pointing to me. That should explain why i was so extremely happy and excited.

The rest of the the week was good too. More rain than there has ever been before, but lots of music: Klaxons (good), My Chemical Romance (bad, funny to watch though), The Who (good), Red Hot Chilli Peppers (disappointing), New Young Pony Club (alright), The Flaming Lips (funny), Muse (good), Björk (apparently good, didn't see), Arcade Fire (good) etc
A great experience - very recommended :D
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