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Album : Favourite Worst Nightmare
Track : If You Were There

If you were there, beware the serpent soul pinchers
350 no thank yous and nobody flinches
Go on girl, go on, give us something gruesome we require your grief,
the thugs help the thieves as they're trying to rob
the words from her gob and take the swords to the innocents

If you were there, beware the serpent soul pinchers.
Can't you sense she was never meant to fill column inches
haven’t you had enough, what you're trying to dig up Isn't there to be dug,
the thieves help the thugs as they're trying beat the good grace of a sweetheart
Out to the point she'll comply

Why leave her on her own, If I'd have known, then I wouldn't have said it
I wouldn't have said it, if I would have known
Why leave her on her own. If i predicted tears then i wouldn't have said it,
I wouldn't have said it, if i would have known

There's a circle of witches, ambitiously vicious they are
And our attempts to remind them of reason won't get us that far
I don't know what it is that they want
I don't know what it is that they want
But I haven't got it to give and she hasn't got it to give

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